Lyon in 4 days 

Day 1 : Lyon, Gaul capital city

-Visit Fourvière basilica ans its religious art museum : contributions by Lyon families to the church as well as donation of important  political or church people : jewellery, goldsmith’s art, plates, gemstones …


-Enjoy a meal in a peaceful old coventry from 1854.


-Visit Gallo-Roman museum that explain Lugdunum city origins and Roman theaters still used for outside concert at summer time.

-Then, go to Vieux Lyon area designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and let’s see Saint Jean cathedral and old medieval lanes. 

-Take time to vist one of this area museum according to your desire. Choose between : Gadagne museum, Guignol museum or movie and miniature museum.

Day 2 : Lyon and the silk industry

-Guided tour of secret path in croix-rousse area, used to silk transportation and more recently during WWII as secret location to escape the Germans.

-Visit one the last lace-making machinery at work.  Did you know that Mr Jacquard invented the first mechanized weaving loom ? It is known to be the first invention that lead us to program writing and computers.

-Visit a hand craft silk workshop where you can also buy a unique piece.

-Go on a cruise to see Lyon from one of its two rivers : Saône and Rhône.


Day3 : Lyon peninsula : from Terreaux to Confluence

-Admire Picasso, Monet or Gauguin paintings

-Discover what is a Lyon painted wall

-Take a walk across the ages by going to see architecture from 12th century (Saint Martin d’Ainay abbey), 17th century (Hôtel de Ville de Lyon) to 21th century(Musée des Confluences)

-To have a break, jump in an eletric taxi bike and savor macaroons while enjoying the city.

Day4 : Departure

-Before leaving, visit our all brand new museum : le musée des Confluences, opened in Dec. 2014.

Vieux Lyon

Lyon in 4 days tour includes :


  • 3 nights booked in your accommodation choice (see below) 

  • Museum Pass

  • Silk workshop visit

  • a cruise of 2hours

  • A guided visit of Lyon (in english)

  • Taxi-bike  promenade with gourmet dessert

Options :

Restaurants booking

Transportation from  Lyon train station or airport to your accommodation at arrival and departure