Group Tours

 in Auvergne Rhône Alpes & Provence

Half-board tours from 6 persons

Cluny tourisme Bourgogne voyage
Pont du Gard voyage Provence
Aix et lac-du-Bourget-et-abbaye-d-Hautecombe

Our five days tours are from Mondays to Fridays. They lead you to visit the main city of the area and to make 2 or 3 pleasant journeys around to discover historic villages, heritage and local gastronomy. Five days tours are organised around Lyon, Annecy, Avignon & Clermont-Ferrand. 

You want to know more about our regions ? So try our 8 to 10 days tours and you will discover & experience all the secret about local cuisine, art craftsmen work & French history. 


Discover a unique heritage !

Take part in creative  activities or French cooking classes !

Meet passionate craftsmen combining ancestral techniques & modern art !


art class

Group tours in Lyon-Rhone

Lyon once Gaul capital city, is well-known for its amazing French gastronomy.

Come in Lyon and find out about UNESCO heritage site, silk industry and secret passageways. Wander along Rhône & Saône quay or visit the fine art museums. 

Group tours in Provence

You will not resist to Provence and the warmth of its lifestyle !

Paintings, ceramics, Roman cities, lavender fields and cicadas songs invit you in this region of thousand  flavours.

Group tour in Savoie Mont-Blanc

Annecy the Venice of the Alps.

Discover its famous cheese, its amazing landscape but also its barocco churches,local crafsmen and learn more about the Duchy of Savoie.

Climb Aiguille du midi by cablecar or relax at the alpine thermal spa. 

Group tours in Auvergne

Volvic source, Puy-de-Dôme highest peak, Bourbon castles, Michelin adventure, Vichy lozenge, National costume museum : many good reasons to visit Auvergne !