Lyon & Rhone tours

Lyon gastronomic short trip

Gourmand tour 4 days

Culinary Rhone Tour

Gourmand tour 10 days

An extended week-end in Lyon

Cultural tour 4 days

Lyon-Beaujolais tour

Cultural tour 9 days

Luxurious & romantic tour

Luxurious tour 4 days

Provence tours

An extended week-end in Provence

Cultural tour 4 days

Provence West Tour

Cultural tour 9 days

Provence excursion

one-day excursion in Provence

Savoie Mont-Blanc tour

An extended week-end in Annecy & Chamonix

will be soon available

Escorted tour around Savoie villages

Discovery tour 10 days

Your perfect journey is not above ?


Contact us and tell us how you dream your perfect tour and we will be glad to built it for you.