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Textile design atelier Arts & crafts around Lyon

Myrte Kilian

As aTextile Designer,she created her own brand in 2016 with a collection of hand screen printed unique wall paper named « May ».

Every product is made with great care and therefore she works exclusively with  natural  quality fabrics, produced in the region were she lives.

She uses different kind of techniques such as hand screen printing,  dyeing  techniques, embroidery , crochet and knitting. 


Making all here  products by hand is very important to her, it allows her  to control all the steps of the development of her product, and be in direct contact with the materials.

According to her : « I’m inspired by the nature surrounding me, constantly changing and always surprising. When I design I try to capture this and transform it into a interior product. So that people can enjoy the beautiful stories that nature is telling us, while being in their own spaces. ».

Find out more about her work on her  website or to meet her during a visit or a workshop.


Screen printing workshop

Learn how to print patterns on paper and fabric & leave with your own first printings.

Using water ink, there are no worries about allergy and it’s environmental friendly

Open to beginners & professionals that want to improve their  screen printing technique. 

 All materials will be  provided.

Half-day workshop for 2,3 or 4 people.


Silk and wool Dyeing workshop  

Discover & learn about the basic fabric dyeing principles, soaking baths, primary colors & shading off.

Initiation to pleat & bind technique.

All materials will be  provided.

Open to beginners & professionals. 

1 day workshop for 2, 3 or 4 people.


Atelier visit & demonstration

Screen printing demonstration.

Unique hand made textile pieces, hand screen printed posters, post cards and note books will be for sale at her atelier.

2 hour visit for groups from 6 to 12 people.

Via  our contact webform, write in your request that you would like to visit Myrte atelier or participate to a workshop.

Soap & cosmetic workshop : Le Chant des savons Soap & cosmetic workshop

Learn how to make your own soap 100% natural.


Discover ingredient properties, their attribute in the chemical process of saponification and with Agnès Royer help all the necessary precautions to realize a soap.

Clay mineral, argan, avocado oil, shea butter …

Customize your recipe and leave the workshop with your creation.

Lyon soap-making class
Lyon soap-making class

Agnès also offer to make hair or skin cosmetic workshop.

You will learn the physical and olfactory of raw material used in cosmetic such as plant butter, essential oil,  aloe vera…

Realize a recipe to clean, moisturize and nourish different skin type.

You will leave the workshop with your creation to test it at home.

Available in Lyon travel activity ‎

The Mâconnais : wine field and medieval cities Cluny, lovely medieval city

Mâconnais region :

Le Mâconnais is located in the South of Burgundy not far away from Lyon. It is adjacent to Beaujolais. It is famous for its wine especially for its powerfull white wine. 


Cluny : a must-see


Cluny is located in Mâconnais region at 88 kilometers from Lyon (1hour by road). It was an important city thanks to its abbey and its political role with French kings and Popes.


The abbey was founded in 910 by William the Pious, Aquitaine Duke & Macon Earl. He noinate Bernon first abbot and gave him Apostles Saint Peter ans Saint Paul relics and a piece of land. Little by little the abbey grows to reach 1400 cluniac sites over Europe with around 10 000 monks following Benedictine rule. In 11th century at the abbey apogee, the abbot decided to built the largest Romanesque church ever, with vaulted arches 30 metres high. Building of the so-called “Maior Ecclesia ” (in Latin) took a century and was the biggest edifice in the West during Middles Ages. Richelieu and Mazarin cardinals were both Cluny abbots during the 17th century. Furthermore, two popes come from Cluny monks : Urbain II and Grégoire VII (11th century).


During French Revolution, the abbey was closed as most of religious edifice and monks leaved. Then, for 40 years the abbey has been slowly destructed stone by stone until 1830 when the agency of historical monument was created. In 1862, the Abbey of Cluny is ranked among France historical monument and a tiresome work of archaeological dig began to restore the abbey.


Nowadays, an art and craft school (ENSAM)  inhabits a part of this magnificient monument. That is why, while visiting it, you can see students getting around. They are easily  identifiable by their colourful and personalised coats everywhere in the city.


Visiting Cluny Abbey enable us to understand monastery daily life, monks works and duties as day subdivisions religious service, or manuscript copy. A room of the abbey got a very nice collection of old books back from 12th century. A 3D film also shows us the magnificient Maior Ecclesia.


Cluny is also one of the few city to possess a national stud farm since Napoleon period (19th century). Guided tours available.


Other Cities nearby : Berzé-le-Chatel, Mâcon…