Aux petits bonheurs de France Booking Terms


Aux petits bonheurs de France is named below as ApbF.


A. Reservation

When making a reservation, the customer should first read and agree with general terms and conditions and booking terms. If not, the customer should not book ApbF products.


The booking process is in 5 steps:

  1. The customer has to fill in and send one of the booking forms available on ApbF website with all needed informations to create its ideal trip.
  1. ApbF receive the booking form and handle it as quick as possible and send back by email to the customer a cost estimate.
  1. If the customer accept the cost estimate then he sign it and proceed to a 40% advance payment (=deposit). If the customer wish to modify the cost estimate by adding or suppressing any items, number of participants, dates…He send modifications to ApbF that will sned back a new version until both parts reach an agreeement.
  1. When the 40% advance payment are collected in ApbF bank account, all reservations are booked in France and the customer receive by email vouchers as booking confirmation proof and as paper to show during his travel to participate to booked activities and excursions. An invoice is issued with the 40% already paid.
  1. One month before arrival date, the customer will pay the rest of trip fees (invoice – advance payment) and ApbF send to the customer all needed documentation about accomodation adress and contact, all informations about meeting appointements and so on.

While the customer enjoy its stay in France, ApbF is available seven days a week in case of necessity.

A meeting couldl be arrange with ApbF during customer trip to check if everything is fine or to have a nice talk together or a cup of tea. 


B. Payments Methods


All ApbF prices are in Euros and all payments should be done in euros by bank transfer to Aux petits bonheurs de France International Bank Account Number.  IBAN informations are in the cost estimate document send to the customer.


C. Modification and/or Cancellation after a confirmed reservation


In case the customer want to modify a reservation which is already confirmed, he should contact ApbF as soon as possible to ensure it possible. If it is, ApbF will sent to the customer a new cost estimate and will wait to have customer agreement on price to realize the asked modification.

For any modification after a booking has been confirmed, a 10€ fee will be charged to the customer as handling charges. 


Cancellation by the client:
In case of transportation delay (Flight, train, boat, or other means of transport), ApbF cannot be held responsible, and will not be obliged to pay the customer any compensation.

In addition, if the customer cancels a booking because of any « Force Majeure » events,ApbF cannot be held responsible, nor do it have to pay the customer any compensation.
These events can include, but are not limited to, war, threat of war, threat of/actual terrorist activities and their possible consequences, strikes, riots, natural or unnatural disasters, political changes or other similar events.


Cancellation charges :

1 month before arrival date => 90% of product price is refund but handling cost of 10€ is applied.

2 weeks before arrival date => 50% of product price is refund but handling cost of 10€ is applied.

1 week before arrival date => No refund.


Refunds will be done in €. The refund amount will be credited to the customer’s bank account, or if the amount is under 250€ it could be done by cash if ApbF and the customer agree on it.


D. Disclaimer


 For the security of customers, ApbF can decide to cancel a restaurant, hotel booking, activities or excursions due to « Force Majeure » events such as, but not limited to war, threat of war, threat of/actual terrorist activities and their consequences, strikes, riots, natural or unnatural disasters, political changes or other similar events.

Concerning luggages, customers will be responsible for their luggages and belongings during the time of their stay. 

If the customer left something at the hotel after turning back to Japan, it should advise ApbF immediately in order it can contact the hotel . 
It  cannot be guarantee that personal belongings will be found and returned to the customer but ApbF will do its best to do so.
If belongings are found, they will be sent to the customer, but all the costs (packing price, insurance, custom duties and the like) will be borne by the customer.


E. Jurisdiction and applicable Law


 ApbF has its main office located in Lyon region and is operating its tours in France.
Therefore, these booking terms & conditions and policies are governed in all respects by French law. The customer agrees that any dispute, claim, lawsuit, or other matter that could arise between the customer and ApbF will be dealt with by the French Court of Justice


F. Privacy policy


 ApbF will not use the customer personal information for other purposes than the ones described in these bookings terms&conditions.
ApbF will not provide the customer personal information to any third parties, unless it have the customer’s agreement, except if this personal information is requested by the French judicial institutions.


G. Other matters


ApbF strongly recommends its customers, in order to travel safely, to subscribe to an overseas insurance in case of accident, illness, theft, airplane delay, during your trip to, or in France.

For any questions about these booking terms and informations, please feel free to contact   or at telephone number  (from overseas+330) 064.557.551.5